Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the differences between MDF and MDP?

    Understand more about these differences by accessing the post on our Blog MDF vs. MDP: Understand the differences between these materials and download the infographic Everything you need to know about MDP and MDF.

  • How to find the stores that sell Henn?

    Go to and locate physical stores by city and state. In this link, you will also find all the online stores that sell Henn.

  • Can I buy Henn furniture directly from factory?

    No. Henn sells all its products only through stores that cater to the retail, distributed throughout Brazil. Another way to buy is through virtual stores.

  • What is the warranty period?

    Henn offers, in all its product mix, three months warranty against manufacturing defects, provided for by law, so stay tuned to this term.

  • If the warranty period has expired, what should I do?

    If the warranty period expires and there is need for technical assistance, browse the store where the product was purchased and ask the shopkeeper a budget of part(s).

  • Where can I request for technical assistance?

    To request technical support for a product, you should look for Henn directly by the shop where you purchased it. The person responsible for the sale will know how to meet your request in the best possible way. We suggest that you have a receipt in hand and be aware of the warranty period.

  • How to clean my Henn furniture?

    To clean your furniture, use a dry or moistened flannel. Do not use harsh chemicals that may damage the product. If possible, do not touch the furniture directly to the wall: leave this space is important to allow air circulation, in order to keep the product always airy and without formation of mold.

  • What is mold and what to do to avoid it?

    Mold is a species of fungus that develops in enclosed spaces, especially those with moisture. It causes discomfort and can be harmful to your health. To avoid it, heed these tips:

    • Clean and ventilate the house and walls;
    • Let the sunlight in the house; combat infiltration and humidity;
    • Avoid placing the furniture at the wall that are bordered by the bathroom;
    • Paint the interior walls of the house with waterproof paint;
    • Use fungicides and air dryers.
  • By contacting Henn’s website, is my data secure?

    Yes. Henn cares about this issue; therefore, it maintains confidentiality of all information received in any channel of communication with its customers.