About Henn

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Henn: always ahead to stand next to each consumer.

Being the forefront in a world where progress and changes are constant and ever faster is a huge challenge that, year after year, Henn embraces with renewed soul. So, today we are considered one of the largest furniture industries in Brazil, totaling more than 1,000 direct and indirect employees.

This is the energy that drives us and prepares Henn to new times.

Our workforce, infrastructure and intelligent logistics, allows us to export to four continents, in addition to making us a reference in the manufacture of furniture in the country. Proof of this is that, for more than ten consecutive years, Henn has been one of the most remembered brands in Top Mobile award.

Further, through an advanced system, we can control a buffer stock of about 600 items, all for prompt delivery, for up to 30 days. And, it is in the more than 80 thousand square meters of built area that the innovation happens to each new Henn’s collection, supported by a modern factory park, with state-of-the-art machinery that allows the manufacture of amazing furniture with agility, technology and, above all, the way to each consumer.

About Henn

Check out how one of the
largest furniture
in Brazil works


We are a company that offers innovative and differentiated products at affordable prices, meeting with agility in a simple and profitable manner.


Be respected as a solid and reliable brand, which understands the expectations of its customers and offering practical and intelligent solutions.


  • Pride in building Henn’s brand;
  • Developing the talents the company's internal talents;
  • Professionalism in every act practiced;
  • Technology is the way to our growth;
  • More than clients and suppliers, we have business partners.