Raw material

Henn quality starts with the choice of raw material

Get to know the finishes and materials that combine beauty and durability to Henn furniture

High gloss

The high gloss finish is done through the application of varnish, which provides glare and ensures more beauty to furniture.


With technology that raises even more visual and tactile feel of the wood, Henn Print texture brings synchronized triple spindles and superior finish.


The BP – Low Pressure – is a laminated material that combines beauty and strength, adding more value to Henn’s furniture. It is one of the items used in the lining of our MDP and MDF boards, ensuring Henn’s principle of caring for the quality of its products.


The MDF - Medium Density Fiberboard - is homogeneous because it has no layers, which is the result of the agglutination of wood fibers with synthetic resin. As it is made up of non-compact fibers, it allows the wood to be cut in any direction, allowing a pretty accurate machining work. It is used for manufacture of curvilinear and machining parts.


MDP - Medium Density Particleboard - consists of three layers of wood chips, generally Pinus, which are the two outer layers of small weight and the heavier internal one. This separation gives chips dimensional stability, sound insulation and resistance to warping and deformations. In the furniture industry, MDP is used in rectilinear furniture, in which there is no machining - windows, cabinets, counters - and, mostly, in those requiring mechanical resistance.

Large color patterns. More life to your environment!

Café Café HP
Rústico Rústico HP
Castanho Castanho HP
Nature Nature HP
Cristal Cristal HP
Duna Duna HP
Branco HP Branco HP HP
Damasco Damasco HP
Areia Areia HP
Cinza Cinza HP
Off White Off White
Rosa Chá Rosa Chá
Branco Branco
Trama Trama
Trama Branco Trama Branco
Nero Nero BP
Calcare Calcare BP

Henn has color patterns for a wide range of styles and, through Henn Print technology; it enhances the details of the wood and offers more strength to the pieces.

Besides HP, Henn also offers patterns in BP between beauty and durability, adding more value to the furniture.