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This Cookie Policy é a supplementary document à Privacy Policy of INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO DE MÓVEIS HENN LTDA, available at this link: (privacy policy link). 

In this Policy, you will find objective and clear information about what Cookies are, why; we use, and what role they play and how to configure them.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files or pieces of information that are downloaded to your computer, smartphone or any other device with access to à internet when youê visit our website. They contain information about your browsing on our pages and retain only information related to & agrave; your preferences. 

Types of Cookies

Cookies, in terms of their owners, can be:

  1. Proprietary Cookies: are cookies set by us or a third party on our behalf.
  2. Third-party cookies: are cookies set by trusted third parties in our application.

Cookies, in terms of their lifetime, can be:

  1. Session or temporary cookies: are cookies that expire as soon as you closes your browser, logging out.
  2. Persistent or permanent cookies: are cookies that remain on your device for a specified period or until; that you delete them.

Cookies, in terms of their purpose, can be:

  1. Required cookies: are essential cookies that enable you to browse our applications and access all features; without these, our services may perform poorly or not work.
  2. Performance cookies: are cookies that optimize the way our applications work by collecting anonymous information about the pages you access.
  3. Functionality cookies: are cookies that remember your preferences and choices (such as your username).
  4. Advertising cookies: are cookies that target ads based on your interests and limit the number of times the ad appears.

Why do we use cookies?

HENN uses Cookies to provide you with the best user experience, making our applications easier and more personalized based on your choices and browsing behavior; o.

Thus, we seek to understand how youê use our applications and adjust the content to make it more relevant to you, as well as remembering your preferences.

Cookies Management

Cookies are being installed; subject to your consent. Although most browsers are initially set to automatically accept cookies, you can? You can review your permissions at any time in order to block them, accept them or enable notifications when certain cookies are sent to your device. However, in case of blocking, the revocation of consent for certain Cookies may make it impossible for some features of the platform to function correctly.

Currently, the first time you access our applications, will be; your agreement with the installation of these is required. Only after their acceptance will they be activated.

To do so, we use a system of (information banner) on the home page of HENN. In this way, not only do we ask for your agreement, but we also inform you that continued browsing on our sites will be; understood as consent.

To manage your browser's cookies, just do it directly in the browser settings in the Cookies management area. (Below link to help you in the settings of the main browsers)

Final Provisions

For HENN privacy and trust are fundamental to our relationship with you. We are always updating to maintain the highest security standards.

Thus, we reserve the right to change this Cookies Policy at any time. The changes will take effect shortly after publication, and you will will be notified when accessing the site again.

If you have any questions about this Cookies Policy, please contact us by the following means:

This Cookie Policy was last updated: 05/04/2022.