Children / Cribs

To delight children and win over parents

Safety, comfort and design in certified cribs according to INMETRO Ordinance 143/2021.
Ensuring good dreams for the little ones and for the parents.

Berço Ternura

H: 890 x W: 1450 x D: 760 mm

Berço Aconchego

H: 1020 x W: 1460 x D: 775 mm

Berço Confete Minicama

H: 1045 x W: 1390 x D: 785 mm

Berço Montessoriano Americano

H: 1415 x W: 1350 x D: 762 mm

Berço Aquarela Minicama

H: 1100 x W: 1330 x D: 785 mm

Berço Bala de Menta Minicama

H: 1015 x W: 1327 x D: 680 mm

Berço Labirinto

H: 870 x W: 1325 x D: 660 mm