Children / Cribs

To delight children and win over parents

Safety, comfort and design in certified cribs according to INMETRO regulations.
Ensuring good dreams for the little ones and for the parents.

Capitonê Crib

H: 1180 x W: 1445 x D: 856 mm

Provençal crib small bed

H: 1245 x W: 1355 x D: 780 mm

Berço Aquarela Mini-cama

H: 1100 x W: 1335 x D: 785 mm

Berço Montessoriano Cabana

H: 1415 x W: 1350 x D: 762 mm

Pão de Mel crib - small bed

H: 1102 x W: 1336 x D: 792 mm

Nuvem de Algodão crib

H: 1112 x W: 1325 x D: 775 mm

Bala de Menta crib small bed

H: 1015 x W: 1327 x D: 680 mm

Arco-Íris crib with casters

H: 965 x W: 1327 x D: 723 mm